Why Car Insurance Is So Expensive

Why Car Insurance Is So Expensive

Runpilgrim.com, In this article, the answer to the question Why Car Insurance is So Expensive will be given. Many people choose not to register car insurance because the costs incurred are very high. In fact, on the other hand, it is very useful to protect cars from all kinds of dangers that will arise in the future.

By knowing why car insurance is so expensive and difficult to pay, you will better understand. This will add new knowledge to you. Maybe many people think that the cause is just a different type of car. But actually, there are many factors that influence the amount of the cost of car insurance premiums.

Reasons Why Car Insurance Is So Expensive

1. Insurance premiums are at the maximum level

Researching the type of insurance you have is very important. The main point to be examined is whether the insurance product uses the maximum price range determined by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). There are insurance companies that provide many additional facilities. Facilities such as tow trucks, pickup and delivery services.

2. The car is too old.

Insurance for old cars is more expensive than new ones. This is the reason why car insurance is so expensive because the selling price of cars has changed. Usually, insurance companies accept the productive age of the car up to the age of5 years.

3. Mistakes in assessing car prices

An important reason why car insurance is so expensive is the price of a car. At the beginning of insurance registration, you will be asked to write down the price of the car. Therefore it is necessary to provide the right price range.

4. Age of car driver

If the age of the car driver is still young, then the premium from insurance becomes more expensive. This is caused by the possibility of an accident becoming greater. Another factor is that traffic violations from young people are higher.

5. Has an additional extended warranty feature

Additional features are also things that can be the anotherreason why car insurance is so expensive. All you need to do is choose the features that suit your needs. You do this by looking at the existing environmental conditions.

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