List of the Best Car Insurance 2020

List of the Best Car Insurance, The car is a vehicle that is a necessity today. This vehicle will make it easy for you to go somewhere. Your car must be registered with insurance to be safe. This article will discuss the best insurance car list. There are so many choices on insurance car list for you.

In general, there are several types of vehicle insurance that you can choose from. Examples are Total Lost Only (TLO) insurance, All Risk car insurance and a combination of TLO and All Risk. TLO is insurance that will guarantee a lost compilation car if it repairs damage worth 75% of the current price. While All Risks provide a cost guarantee.

List of the Best Car Insurance 2020

1. JasaraharjaPutera

the most famous insurancecar list is JasaraharjaPutera. There are two types of services provided, namely All Risk and TLO. The price of this car insurance is a cheaper category compared to the others.

2. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

The second of Insurance car list is Sinarmas. The advantages of Sinar Mas Insurance are the best choices for repair shops. If you use a BCA credit card, you will get an installment benefit of up to 0%.

3. Garda Oto Insurance

In 2013, Garda Oto became one of the best car insurance according to a survey of Indonesian institutions. There are many choices for this insurance, such as All Risk, TLO and third party responsibility.

4. Allianz Utama Indonesia’s Insurance

Allianz is a brand of insurance products that are well known worldwide. Allianz Utama Indonesia has several premium levels. This allows you to adjust your choices to your needs and budget.

5. Adira Insurance The advantages of Adira Insurance, which is one of the insurance car lists, is a very uncomplicated claim process. This insurance is widespread throughout Indonesia, so it is very easy to find.

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