How to Choose insurance near me car

How to Choose insurance near me car, Based on data from the World Health Organization it is known that deaths from traffic accidents are very high. Even in 2012, a total of 109,038 people died due to accidents in Indonesia. Therefore, road safety is one of the important things. This time I will explain how to chooseinsurance near me car.

If your car has an accident, it will require repair costs and costs for new purchases. But if you have car insurance, then all matters will be resolved by them. The thing to do is pay a premium every month. Before registering, you need to find the right insurance near me car.

How to Choose insurance near me car

  1. Car owners know the benefits of having insurance

For those of you who don’t know, there are several benefits that can be obtained in registering car insurance. Areas follow:

• Protect the vehicle safely. Insurance near me car will protect the vehicle through routine maintenance and repairs when experiencing an accident

• Car insurance will provide you with compensation. Compensation is made when the vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen. The money issued will correspond to the amount of premium payment.

• Maintenance investment. Car insurance will always improve the quality of the vehicle, one way is to provide care for minor damage. Therefore it is highly recommended to find the best insurance near me car.

  • The car owner determines the right type of insurance

There are at least two types of insurance near me car, namely:

  • All Risk Car Insurance. The purpose of this insurance is that the service provider will pay a claim for any damage, extending from minor damage to the most severe. Therefore the cost of premiums from all risk car insurance is very large.
  • Total Loss Only (TLO) Car Insurance. This means that claims from insurance can be filed if the car owner experiences a total loss. You will get a replacement if the damage occurs is 75% or loss due to theft. The advantage of this type is the lower cost of premiums. By considering this, then you can choose insurance near me car.

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