All Risk Insurance car Price

All Risk Insurance car Price, Car insurance type of all risk or commonly referred to as comprehensive is insurance that guarantees all types of damage to the car. All Risk InsuranceCar Price will pay a claim if one day the customer experiences difficulties such as losing a car. Therefore this article will explain Insurance Car Price using this type.

As you know, the price of insurance with all risk types is more expensive than TLO (Total Loss Only). This is caused by the protection provided by insurance is very different. TLO Car Insurance Price will cover the damage to the car when it is in 76% damaged or lost. While all risk will stand by on your car in any condition.

All Risk Insurance Car Price

The method used in determining Insurance Car Price is to use the multiplication method between the range of insurance and the price of the car. The amount of insurance paid also depends on the region and category of the car. This makes each region have a different price.

One example is the Toyota Fortuner which has a price of Rp. 490 million. Car owners live in the Jakarta area. Following the regulations in Jakarta are in area 2, so the vehicle is included in category 4. The calculation of the cost of insurance that must be provided by the owner is as follows:

1,2% x Rp. 490.000.000  = Rp. 5.880.000.

The total of All Risk Car Insurance Prices is not the result of the above calculation. But it needs to be added with administrative costs, policy costs and other costs. This makes many people think that this type of insurance is very expensive

. Tips Before choosing All Risk Insurance

  1. Adjust the type of insurance with the money you have. If the cost of this type of insurance is more expensive in your opinion, then you can move to the type of TLO.

The cost of own risk. Not all risks are guaranteed by insurance. Usually Rp. 500 thousand, the customer must pay the amount of own risk insurance Car Insurance first. After that, the insurance will pay the rest of the cost of damage to the car.

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