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**Register for RUN FOR GOOD DURIAN 5KM RUN! Race Fee $15 per pax(Open to all 7 years old and above, participants under 18 years old will need parental consent to participate in this run)

IMPORTANT:Confirmation of Race Participation will only be made upon receipt of payment via BANK TRANSFER.
By submitting this form, you hereby agree that the Organisers (People’s Association, CS CDC and Ang Mo Kio-HougangCCC) may collect, obtain, store and process your personal data that you provide in the form for the purpose of receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing mails or materials from the Organisers.


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I have read the Terms and Conditions and consent to my child/ward participating in the Run For Good Durian Run 5km. I shall not hold the Organisers, sponsors or officials of the event liable for any injury, death, cost, expense, claims or loss/damage to property of whatsoever nature arising out of his/her participation in the event.



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I/We hereby agree not to hold the organizer and co-organizers, their representatives and sponsors against all cost, expense or liability that may arise in consequence of my participation in the event, I hereby waive all claims for any and all injuries, death and invalidity to me or the person under my care which may be caused by any act, or failure to act by the organizer, members and employees arising directly or indirectly during the course of event or arising as a result of it. In consideration of the organizer accepting this entry, I hereby assume liability for any loss, damage or liability from the above event. I confirm that I have read and accepted the conditions of entry to event and the rules and regulations for this event. *
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IMPORTANT Friendly Reminder: Confirmation of Race Participation will only be made upon receipt of payment via BANK TRANSFER.